Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dalle de Verre?

Dalle de Verre is a also known as faceted glass. It uses blocks of colored glass, which are cut into the desired shapes and chipped to create facets. The faceted glass is placed in a mold and an epoxy resin poured into the mold. Granules are then embedded in the epoxy to create the finished product.

Is Dalle de Verre glass durable?

Dalle de Verre is extremely durable. It was first used in church windows, where it is subjected to rain, hail and extremes of heat and cold. It is dimsionally stable and very strong.

Are your products mass produced?

No. All products are individually produced by hand. No two are exactly alike.

How are the designs created?

The designs are created by computer using software specifically designed specifically for Dalle de Verre and stained glass.

What are good applications for Dalle glass?

Windows and gates are our most popular items. Bathroom windows provide privacy but also allow sunlight through. Church windows are also a very popular use. Garden gates provide a beautiful and distinctive entrace to your yard or patio. Medallions are perfect for hanging in a window or from a tree.

What are some other applications?

Freestanding panels designed into a new home. Company Logos. The possibilities are endless.

What if I need an existing design in a different size?

We can easily adjust the price up or down based on the needed size.

Are custom designs available?

Absolutely. Give us an idea or provide us with a picture and we can convert it into a design. After the initial design is completed, it will be presented to you for review.

How are custom designed priced?

Contact us for details, but basically we will give you a price for the initial design and an estimate for the completed piece. After the design is complete, we can give you an exact price for the completed piece.

Who are your customers?

We work with individuals, churches, builders and architects.

What options are availble?

We offer engraving of names or phrases onto any design. The text is etched into the glass, paint is applied and cured into the class. The end result is permanent and will not fade.

Do you have any special programs for churches?

We are in the process of developting a program for churches where members can donate individual windows. Each window can be etched with the members name. Members can go to a web page designed specifically for your church and make their donation. The church will be updated on the progress. Please contact us for more details.